A Chinese man has shot dead an alleged thief who robbed his supermarket

Police and judicial sources say a 30-year-old man was shot dead in the town of Rafael Castillo in Argentina’s Buenos Aires province’s La Matanza district on Monday after a Chinese businessman accused him of stealing from his supermarket. .

They say he has been detained for possessing a weapon with a serial number.

It all started around 11am, when two armed thieves robbed a grocery store at the intersection of Andrad and Esquiro streets in the aforementioned town in the south-western suburbs.

According to sources, the criminals entered the shop and snatched the owner’s belongings, cash and mobile phone and fled.

The merchant chased the criminals with his own handgun and fired several rounds, one of which seriously injured one of the suspects in the lower back.

According to sources, the victim, identified as Nicholas Brian Palavechino, 30, was taken by family and neighbors to a local health center, where he died.

According to the same informants, some parts, Easter eggs and cash were seized from the deceased.

Meanwhile, the businessman was arrested on charges of “carrying an illegal firearm,” as the number of the weapon he used to fire was off, a judicial spokesman explained to Telam.

However, the prosecutor in the case, Marcos Borghi of the La Matanza Homicide Thematic Instruction Unit (UFI), has not yet defined whether he acted in his legitimate defense or did something wrong.

On the other hand, the staff of the Departmental Directorate of Investigation (DDI) carried out various processes in an attempt to find the second suspect who escaped this afternoon.

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