A senior official may be sent to Ukraine because “they will not let me cross

U.S. President Joe Biden said Thursday that he and his administration are still evaluating the possibility of sending a senior member of his administration to support Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression.

Asked if he would send a top official to Ukraine, Biden replied, “We are making that decision now.” Asked who he would send, Biden turned to a reporter and replied, “Are you ready to go?”

A number of Western officials have arrived in Kiev since the Russian military withdrew from the area surrounding the Ukrainian capital in a show of solidarity.

According to a source familiar with the activities, U.S. officials have held preliminary discussions about sending a senior member of the administration to Ukraine.

Although Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are unlikely to visit Kiev any time soon, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken have been discussed. However, sources claimed that a decision is still pending and the visit may not take place.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson paid a surprise visit to Kiev last weekend. According to US authorities, Biden is not currently planning his own trip.

“We are not currently planning a visit by the US president to Ukraine,” Press Secretary Jane Sackie said Monday. He argued that the continued supply of arms and support was more important than the president’s visit.

“The most important thing for the Ukrainian leadership is that we are accelerating arms and getting the necessary assistance and security measures they need, and that is our focus.”

Biden has announced a new $ 800 million security assistance package to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, which includes 11 Mi-17 helicopters, 300 switchblade drones, 18 howitzers and protective equipment against chemical attacks, during a phone call on Wednesday.

Biden told charities during a last-minute visit to Poland last month that he would like to go to Ukraine to monitor the situation closely.

“They will not let me, understandably, I guess, cross the border and see what is happening in Ukraine,” Biden said.

Prior to the visit, the White House said it had not considered a visit to Ukraine.

Biden would “like the opportunity to visit Ukraine to show solidarity with the Ukrainians,” according to National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, who claimed that the issue had been discussed before Biden’s visit to Warsaw last month.

According to Sullivan, one of the issues discussed was the size of the footprints needed to secure the presidency. He emphasized, however, that it was “not under any serious planning” and declined to comment further on the claim that a top US official could visit Kyiv soon.

National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan said Thursday that the US administration would not return assets accumulated as a result of Western sanctions.

“Our goal is not to give them back. Our goal is to make better use of them. But I will be careful in what I say today because there is an ongoing kind of policy process around how we deal with that question. Rest assured, the goal is not just to sit on them for a while and then return them, “the official said in response to a question on whether frozen assets such as expensive yachts and personal belongings could be returned.

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