An MBE doctor, 72, sexually abused 48 patients over 35 years

During appointments in various medical settings, Krishna Singh, 72, kissed, touched, gave inappropriate tests and made obscene remarks to 48 patients.

Among the patients were a rape victim, a teenage child and a pregnant woman.

In their testimony, prosecutors explain how sex offenders were “hidden from the public eye” for nearly four decades.

The doctor, who received his MBE in 2013, denied the allegations against him.

Singh was convicted of a number of sexual and obscene offenses between February 1983 and May 2018.

He was not convicted on two counts and the other nine were not convicted.

The crimes occurred mostly during medical practice in North Lanarkshire, but also during visits to a hospital accident and emergency department, a police station and visiting patients’ homes.

Victims of tortured rape

In the early 1980s, Singh worked as a GP in the area before becoming a police casualty surgeon, where he examined victims of sexual violence.

In 2018, when a woman denounced him to police, authorities began investigating his actions.

A 50-year-old hospital worker who testified was one of the witnesses who was raped.

In March 2008, Singh examined him at a Motherwell police station.

The woman claimed that the doctor asked if she was wearing a skirt and had sexual consent. He then proceeded to molest her, she claimed.

He told the court: “He asked how low my top was and if my cleavage was visible. He asked if I was provoking. She said, ‘So, you’re not a good girl.’

During a sore throat checkup, another woman reported that Singh had “pressed and produced” her trouser line as a teenager.

He said his behavior had become a “running joke” among his friends.

The woman said: “If it were my daughter, I would be sitting on the fence accused of murder. No professional should behave like that. ”

One man told the court that he had threatened to attack Singh after he grabbed his pregnant wife by the hand in an appointment in the mid-1990s.

Many women were so uncomfortable going to see a GP that they brought a friend or relative for an appointment.

A woman tried to prolong her medication to delay her return.

‘Invisible to the public eye’

The court heard how the victims were often hesitant to report to Sink year after year.

The women felt that their voices could not be heard because Singh was later a senior partner in surgery and his wife was a practice manager.

During the trial, prosecutor Angela Gray told the jury that Singh had a routine of abusing his position to commit crimes against women.

He said: “Sexual offenses were part of his career. Women’s access when the situation arose and when she took the opportunity.

“A quick feeling, a look in an intimate area, an indecent remark. This was his way of working, hidden from the naked eye.

Laura Connor, a partner at Thompson Solicitors who represented some of Singh’s victims, told the BBC his loss would last a lifetime.

He said: “The damage he has done and continues to do through his defense in criminal cases is incredible.

“It has affected them personally, it has affected their families. Has done in the past, will do in the future.

“Like many survivors of abuse, it affects all parts of their lives. It’s not a trauma that is obvious but it’s there and it’s always there.”

The firm said it would initiate civil proceedings against the authorities concerned to ensure compensation for the victims.

‘Who can they trust?’

Helen Provan, center director of the Lancashire Rape Crisis Center, welcomed Roy but said she believed there might be more women who were attacked by Singh but who have not yet come forward.

He said: “Anyone who has fallen into a situation where they do not expect their physical autonomy to be violated, it makes them feel very violated and makes them feel like they can trust someone after that.

“There may be an unknown number of women whom he has violated and best behaved inappropriately who want to come forward.”

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