Bots that tell us whether we are really good at Wordle

Since Wordle has appeared in our lives, surely many of you are competing (or doing) with friends to see. Who is able to guess the word of the day in the shortest time and with the least effort. The game became so popular within days of its release that the English version was acquired by The New York Times for a considerable sum. It has come in many languages.

Now, the New York Times has introduced a new tool: WordleBot. If you are a competitor (even with yourself) you will love it. This bot can answer a question: Are you really good at playing Wordle??

What is WordleBot?

The New York Times has launched WordleBot, an online tool designed to test your Wordle results and test your skills. Became a judge Based on three categories: Skills, Fate and Steps Or effort.

The ability to see if you have reduced the number of attempts to hit you to a minimum. Fate is surprised if the player’s decisions remove more solutions than he expected. And the effort is something that is much easier to keep track of: how many of the six possible hits have been

Uses WordleBot is pretty simple. You will do the Wordle of the day in English, and then you go to this link. This website directly analyzes your daily work. You can also upload a screenshot of your Wordle for bots to analyze your performance.

You read: WordleBot: The bot that tells us whether we are really good at Wordle

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