British woman suffers from allergic shock after dyeing her hair

Jesse Sullivan of London was unprepared for this result: the day after dyeing his hair, he woke up with not only a new color, but a grossly swollen face. Hospital treatment was the only option.

“Itching comes first and then it swells and my tongue feels funny. I woke up the next day and couldn’t open my eyes, “he said.

This is how Jesse Sullivan of Beckenham near London described the trauma he suffered in March 2022 after trying to dye his hair. For three days he saw nothing. Despite using the same product as before, the results were unexpected – and potentially life-threatening.

The British woman went into anaphylactic shock after dyeing her hair - potentially life-threatening
The British woman went into anaphylactic shock after dyeing her hair – potentially life-threatening

When the 43-year-old school chef goes to his family doctor with his problem, he experiences anaphylactic shock, the most severe allergic reaction (see box). According to, he was given an adrenaline shot at the scene and then taken to the hospital, where he was given an IV of steroids, antibiotics and painkillers. Although this saved him from the worst, the side effects – a rash and facial edema – persisted for the time being. He got a sick note.

Strain was seen a few days after hospitalization.

“A few days later I sold a high chair to a woman and she came to the door [to collect it]He told the British news agency Kennedy News and Media.

He was so accustomed to her swollen eyelids that he opened the door without hesitation and startled the woman’s two children.

“I said, ‘Oh my God, I’m so sorry’ and I gave them the free high chair.”

Note the expiration date and instructions for use

However, how did it happen? Sullivan didn’t think a compatibility test was necessary because he was using hair color – Schwarzkopf’s “Cosmic Blue” – year after year: “I usually use it and I’ve never had a problem with it. I didn’t. ”

It turned out that he was using a pack that was good until 2021.

“But it still shouldn’t have happened.”

The manufacturer regrets Sullivan’s experience: “We urge everyone to read the instructions and have an allergy test before using hair color, even if they have used the brand or specific color before, as allergies may increase over time.”

The company also offered expert help to determine the cause of Sullivan’s violent reaction.

Rare, but not an isolated incident

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, she promised that she would never dye her hair again. Instead, he wants to raise awareness of the potential dangers and encourage people to test for allergies before painting.

Anaphylactic shock occurs when the immune system overreacts to a certain chemical. Short-term alarm symptoms, such as itching, burning, and a feeling of heat in the throat, appear first. Suffice it to say that severe swallowing and shortness of breath can strike at the same time. Acute circulatory shock results. Allergic shock is life-threatening and can lead to rapid cardiac arrest if left untreated.

Image Credit: Mail

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