Comfortable boat rides become a “scary” because it closes the air in the middle of the crowd.

Alexia Powell, Brittany Gilliard and their families went to an amusement park in North Carolina for the weekend.

However, a quiet day became stressful as visitors watched the electro-spin rollercoaster get stuck in mid-air at a 407-acre amusement park in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Powell, an eyewitness to the incident, said: “We got into a boat that was on the other side of it, and when we got off, we heard people screaming.”

Powell and Gilliard claim they don’t know how long the people were trapped in the air, but the video they captured shows many hanging in their chairs.

“It looked awful,” Gilliard said. “I was terrified of them.”

“People were terrified,” Powell said as he described the incident. “It was awesome to watch because it could have been anyone there.”

The safety and security of our guests and associates is our highest priority, “a Carwinds representative told WJZY.” Unfortunately, while we work hard to provide the best possible experience, attractions may not always be effective. “

Powell added: “It simply came to our notice then. “Like what if we get up and we get stuck in a loop upside down or in the middle? You never know. “

This isn’t the first time anyone has been stuck on an amusement park ride. On the Windsica ride, about 100 passengers hung in the air for more than two hours.

Electro-to-spin videos have been shared 7,000 times on Facebook and about 8,000 times on Twitter, with many saying they will no longer ride bikes.

“It was crazy how much these videos affected people,” Powell said.

Powell and Gilliard said they would return to Carowinds, but only to Water Park after seeing the incident.

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You read: Comfortable boat rides become a “terrible” one because it closes the middle of the ship with the people on board.

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