DietPi, raspberry pie (dozens more)

The Raspberry pie Market pioneer for ‘SBC’ (short for ‘Single board computer, ‘Often known as’ computer board’ or simply ‘miniPC’). When it comes to operating systems, Raspberry Pi OS One of the most popular.

However, SBCs can run a wide range of operating systems (both GNU / Linux and other OS) to meet a variety of requirements. For one of these requirements Ultralight systems that use very low CPU and RAM resources.

A very light generalist for your SBCs and PCs

DietP With the most popular distro, in this section 58 percent less RAM and 42 percent less disk consumption Raspberry pie than OS Lite. This is done by Optimization Such as the default use of RAMlog, which saves energy by avoiding the constant writing of log files on the hard drive (it saves them in RAM and writes them all at once during the shutdown process).

It is proud to provide a complete catalog Popular programs Adapted to your specific configuration out of the box with an optimized version of the app Like Apps Server and Cody Media Center.

And now, there is this distribution New version 8.3 for downloadThis includes not only the various bug patches of the previous version (affecting both system components and software in the repository) but also improvements to existing software …

E.g. Adding PHP Composer Package Manager, In addition Motion Eye (A web interface for managing a webcam using the Motion Protocol), or its modification DietPi-Drive Manager Assistant To increase the likelihood of managing shared resources via NFS or Samba (for example, allowing multiple NFS exports to be mounted from the same server).

In any case, the biggest innovation of this new version is probably the newly released first support for containerization, which is The first step towards using DietPi as a platform for creating docker or LXC containers.

Remember, despite the name, DietPi is compatible with a wide range of SBCs (including Odroid, NanoPi, Pinebook, ROCKPro64, PINE, ZeroPi, OrangePi, ASUS Tinker, and others) as well as PCs (virtualized or not).. Its website has a long-range benchmark that compares its performance across different devices.

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