Hospital negligence kills 2-year-old girl in San Francisco

Parents have filed a lawsuit against John Muir Health in San Francisco after Tom and Truck-Ko Jung died after their daughter Ailee’s heart suddenly stopped beating and she died in the operating room.

A two-year-old girl died during surgery in an operating room when a hospital complained that they had ignored warnings that they were not qualified to handle the procedure.

Tom and Truck-Co Jung have filed a lawsuit against John Muir Health in San Francisco when their daughter Aileen’s heart suddenly stopped beating and she died tragically in the surgery room.

John Muir Health performed liver resection surgery on two-year-old Aileen, who was diagnosed with cancer and underwent chemotherapy during the operation.

Her parents went under anesthesia just hours after they said goodbye.

Tom and Truck-Ko Jung with their daughter Ailey

San Francisco Chronicle investigators have revealed that senior doctors at John Muir Hospital ignored several warnings about the hospital’s lack of proper equipment in the weeks leading up to the procedure.

According to a statement from John Muir Health, Ailey was fragile due to her chemotherapy treatment and they provided her with “extraordinary care.”

Cal Knight, CEO of John Muir, says: “The method of saving the lives of critically ill patients is not always successful.

“This incident is most tragic when the patient is so young.”

However, legal files filed in the Contra Costa County Superior Court indicate that there were concerns about whether the hospital provided serious information to the family prior to the surgery.

According to Docs, John Muir Health has never performed a specialized procedure on a child before, and the anesthesiologist who did it has just completed a fellowship in pediatric anesthesia.

Former John Muir Medical Director. Alicia Calamas has expressed concern that Ailey will die during the surgery, according to the lawsuit.

However, John Muir Health did not agree with Dr. Kalamas’ assessment, and after his contract was not renewed, Dr. Kalamas filed a lawsuit against the hospital, alleging retaliation for highlighting potential patient safety issues.

Tom Jung told the Chronicle: “If I had known that anyone in the hospital was concerned about their ability to perform surgery, there is no way I would have done it.”

Aileen’s parents told the Helping Parents Hill website that her heart suddenly stopped beating after the surgery and no one could explain why.

They said: “We needed answers, so we immediately started studying everything related to her cancer and her later life.”

According to the Chronicle, no state or federal law was violated by the California Department of Public Health during the investigation into Ily’s death.

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