“It’s curious about something like” Nicholas Cage. “

The 58-year-old actor’s latest film, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, cast him in a fictional version of himself in a new meta-action, comedy movie, but he admits he is “curious” to enter the music world.

“Right now, I’m excited to be back on the comedy menu,” Cage said in a new interview. “It simply came to our notice then. It’s good that I get a chance to do more comedy. “

He has previously entertained audiences in films such as Rising Arizona, Moonstrock, and Kick-Ass, as well as himself.

However, in light of the recent rise of cinematic musicals including Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story and Lynn-Manuel Mirander Tick-Tick, Tick-Boom! With Andrew Garfield, the star is eager to enter that kingdom.

“But I’ve never done a musical. It will be something that I will be curious about, “he told Rolling Stone.

After excellent reviews, well-known Elvis Presley fans are eager to continue directing independent films.

He continued: “I just want to get on with the roots of indie drama. This is my true passion, a movie like Pig or Living Las Vegas or Joe.

“Bringing out the dead – I’ve seen it recently. I have to say it might be the best movie I’ve ever made.”

Cage, meanwhile, who recently delighted fans when shots of his Dracula costume from the set of Universal’s upcoming film Ranfield appeared online, said that his dream role would be played by Jules Verne’s Captain Nemo.

They both love Sagar, which is why they want to play an Oscar winner.

During a recent Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA), he added that people don’t bother him by shouting memorable lines from his film about him in public.

“I have no problem with any quotes, I’m glad they remembered the movie.”

Cage added that he will be down for Face / Off 2, which we can all appreciate. So, who is John Travolta reporting and when can we make it happen?

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You read: “It’s something to be interested in” Nicholas Cage “.

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