Jennifer Garner joins Caliberger CEO John Miller to “set boundaries”

Actress Jennifer Garner is set to tie the knot with her boyfriend John Miller after rumors of an engagement last year, according to a new source.

The Adam Project star and CEO of Caliberger is “cooling it down again,” an insider is right! Magazine.

After the 49-year-old actor’s divorce from husband Ben Affleck in 2018, the couple dated for two years. However, in 2020, they called for their resignation, only to be reunited in April 2021.

“Jennifer and John have dialed things again and are breathing a little,” the insider told the news outlet. “John would love to be with Jane 24/7, but she keeps setting boundaries.”

“Recently, they haven’t been spending much time together,” the source added. “They have even stopped talking about getting married, which is a red flag for many of their friends.”

The insider added, “Even if he was just joking, it’s not good for him and John.”

“The word is, he’s re-evaluating their relationship. He really likes John, but he doesn’t seem ready to be committed anytime soon, “he concluded.

When Garner flaunted a diamond band on his wedding finger during a conversation on the Instagram live show in November 2021, it sparked rumors of an engagement with Miller. Neither he nor Miller verified the report.

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