Lara Kent: “Things” she never thought of Randall Emmett: “All open”

In October 2021, “Vanderpump Rules” star Lala Kent announced her separation from her ex-fianc র Randall Emmett. They have a 1 year old daughter named Ocean. Kent has been outspoken about his feelings for Emmet since their breakup, claiming he was unfaithful during their relationship.

One’s mother indicated in an interview in the April 2022 “Chicks in the Office” podcast that she denied other elements of Emmett’s behavior. His entire relationship with the film producer, he claimed, was “a complete fiction”.

“I hate to say that because I drove my beautiful daughter out of the relationship but I’m really sorry the day I met that person. Like I just don’t understand how this guy looks at himself in the mirror, how they sleep at night. And so on. The day will come when all the truth will be revealed because it is not the saliva madness that he was deceived, that I can shake off. There is so much in it that I look forward to the day it is revealed, “Kent said.

He said he learned more about Emmett.

“The things I learned about it were that I was going to bite our tongues, we were going to sleep well, we would take care of this baby, you know, I didn’t miss a beat,” added the 31-year-old. The time will come, as I said, where it will all be revealed. That’s exactly how the universe works. “

In “Vanderpump Rules”, Kent shares his thoughts on why he and Emmet have a positive relationship in an interview with “Kids in the Office.” He confessed that he was secretive about his personal problems with his co-stars.

“It was hard for me with the show because whenever I went to the film, I mean, I wouldn’t lie. Any time I went to the film, we would always argue before I went to film. It was a constant argument. But then on the contrary, it always made him The question was, ‘Did you talk about me, did you tell them something?’ So people who knew my relationship well – my mom, my best friend since childhood, my brother, nobody knew from the show because I didn’t want to come home and I didn’t want to be questioned about what I chose to share, “Kent said.

Kent revealed to Tamron Hall on the “Tamron Hall Show” in April 2022 that her baby had helped keep her calm while dealing with public breakups.

“I have no choice but to sit back and cry. I have a child. And I want to make it very clear that if there is anyone in your life, if they do not add to it, burn the bridge. You will be fine, “said the mother of one child.

Kent explained during the March 2022 episode of the “Unwaxed” podcast that his breakup with Emmett did not stop him from dating again. He did, however, mention that he did not have much luck in the dating department.

“I haven’t had a healthy, fun relationship since I was with my high school sweetheart,” the Bravo personality revealed.

Kent has said he wants to have a relationship with someone who values ​​spending quality time with him.

“I want his time, phone use is a big issue, I think it will be – unlike the way people think, I’m not a materialist, like I don’t need gifts,” said the Vanderpump Rules star.

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You read: Lara Kent: “Things” she never thought about Randall Emmett: “All exposed”.

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