Natasha shares with Fred Armstrong “a worldly cause of separation.”

Natasha Leone has announced that she and Fred Armison are no longer together, complaining that their relationship has ended due to a quarrel over a swimming pool.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, after admitting that she and Armison Covid were living together in Los Angeles at the time of the outbreak, the actress revealed that the two have now broken up the company.

“I honestly think we broke up because I wanted a swimming pool,” said the 43-year-old “Russian doll.”

“We love each other just as much as two people can love each other and we still talk all the time, but Freddie doesn’t like a swimming pool. This may seem like a mundane cause of a breakup, but during that epidemic, you have to take it in your arms – I’m like Bert Lancaster from The Simmer.

Leon recently bought his own home in Los Angeles, equipped with a pool.

“So this is the real scandal,” Olam jokingly added. “I think at last I’m a real bicostal.”

The actress and 55-year-old “Saturday Night Live” star first met in 2014 when they both attended Lorne Michael’s pre-Ames party at the Tower Bar of the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood.

Maya Rudolph, Armisen’s “SNL” co-star, introduced the two, according to Leon in the September 2019 glamor cover story.

In the June 2016 “WTF with Mark Maron” podcast, Armison acknowledged his ex-wife, Elizabeth Moss, as his “terrible husband,” whom he married between 2009 and 2011.

From 1998 to 2004, he married singer Sally Tims.

Leon and Armisen were last seen together at the Golden Globe in 2020.

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