New research suggests that Bitcoin fans are often psychopaths, narcissists or sadists.

More than 500 individuals who were interested in or owned cryptocurrency were surveyed for the study. According to the authors, they exhibit a pattern of malicious behavior.

On the other hand, those who have recently arrived need not worry.

Bitcoin is seen by enthusiasts as the future of money transfer. The value of cryptocurrency has risen at an unprecedented rate in recent years.

A bitcoin is currently worth more than $ 40,421. Early adopters of digital money have become extremely wealthy.

However, a new study from Australia shows that digital money attracts an disproportionately large number of people engaged in harmful activities.

In the Journal of Personality and Personal Differences, researchers at the University of Queensland Technology recently published the results of a study with 566 participants. These were people who either owned the cryptocurrency or said they were interested. According to the study, they displayed unusually common behaviors such as narcissism or even sadism.

All clear to the owners

In the study, researchers discovered a buildup of problematic behaviors in questions and answers provided by individuals in interviews, known in psychology as the “dark tetrad”.

Examples are narcissism, psychopathy and sadism.

The author writes: “Dark tetrad traits are ‘dark’ because of their ‘evil’ qualities: taking advantage of others without extreme selfishness and empathy.

“The dark tetrad is often associated with risk-taking behavior.”

Bitcoin’s independence from banks and the government is another factor contributing to the relationship between this personality trait and the passion for digital currency.

In addition, “Machiavellianism” – named after the great political strategist Niccolলো Machiavelli – is also at work. It refers to those who have a strong desire for power.

According to the survey authors, many of them have a favorable attitude towards cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin because they criticize banks and the government.

However, they will be driven by deep emotions, such as the joy of seeing others be deprived of victory. Psychopaths and sadists will be attracted to the currency because the frequent fluctuations will cause an adrenaline rush.

The team, however, noted that they only looked at a small segment of the global crypto community.

“If you are a Bitcoin or other crypto holder, you may or may not display them,” they concluded.

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