Nuclear bunkers will not protect you from new nuclear weapons

Nuclear bunkers can't protect you from new nuclear weapons - even 2km deep inside the earth
Nuclear bunkers can’t protect you from new nuclear weapons – even 2km deep inside the earth

China has said that new types of nuclear weapons no longer mean nuclear bunkers that can pass through the earth and destroy them without any way to fix them.

Nuclear bunkers are useless in the face of Chinese, Russian or American strategic nuclear bombs, such as Russia threatening to use in Ukraine. Conversely: these underground structures can be a death trap for those who take refuge in them and the surface population can survive.

These are the results of new experiments conducted by Chinese scientists who have built a new research laboratory to mimic a nuclear attack against nuclear bunkers, such as the Chaen Mountain Space Force Station, the famous underground complex 610 meters below Granite, the 80s Movie War Games.

Clearly, without bunkers or bunkers, a global nuclear war would destroy humanity. Strategic nuclear weapons, especially those designed to penetrate the Earth, are designed for limited use, eliminating specific targets without creating the same level of radioactive contamination or parallel damage as a conventional atomic bomb.

The latter means to explode several meters below the surface of the earth, causing as much damage as possible over a wide area. If NATO intervenes directly in Ukraine, the first is Russia, which has threatened to launch

Expansion of destruction

The new study – peer-reviewed in the Chinese scientific journal Rock Mechanics and Engineering – confirms an earlier study using supercomputer simulations, discovering that nuclear bunkers offer no protection and, in fact, their location makes them more vulnerable due to nature. . Subterranean

According to the Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Post, the study found that a two-kilometer underground bunker could be easily destroyed by nuclear weapons. The key is how the shock wave travels through the Earth’s crust. Although tactical nuclear warheads designed to penetrate the ground cannot go deeper than 40 meters, a nuclear explosion will trigger a reaction that will emit 1,000 times more energy than the energy produced by a nuclear explosion.

Their observations, they say, show that shock waves change shape and increase in strength as they travel through the surface. This goes against the current theory, which says that the energy of the shock wave is absorbed by the ground when they travel. This concept is based on the idea that the crust behaves more or less like a liquid that absorbs energy, but in reality, the difference between surface rocks and other elements acts as an amplifier of the destructive energy of the explosion. According to nuclear studies, destructive energy will reach “more”, affecting bunkers away from the direct radius of a nuclear explosion.

No one is safe

In the end, none of the so-called nuclear-proof underground structures could withstand the combined onslaught of a number of low-power strategic weapons. Like the United States, including the Xi’an Mountains, the Russians have their own bunkers in the Urals, and the Chinese are buried in caves two kilometers west of Beijing.

Specifically, the Chinese study confirms that the next 200-kiloton-powered American B61 atomic bomb will receive an additional 600 kilograms of extra pressure per square centimeter from the explosion (B61 has a variable power that can go up to 0.3. 400 kilotons depending on the configuration). That should be sufficient enough to destroy the Asian military base.

Not coincidentally, both Russia and the United States have air-powered nuclear control centers – the so-called ‘doomsday planes’ – to ensure their ability to respond if their ground-based facilities are disabled.

Disarmament is impossible

A recent report by Allied Market Research states that the nuclear weapons market will exceed 6 126 billion by 2030, an increase of 73% over 2020. The United States has proposed a new nuclear disarmament treaty with Russia and China Unfortunately, Putin has used all his capital to build more destructive and irresistible nuclear weapons that undermine already signed disarmament agreements and unbalanced the balance of power.

China has not only refused to negotiate a deal – arguing that it is now in an unfavorable position with Russia and the United States – but has also plunged into a fugitive nuclear proliferation, both in terms of the number of nuclear warheads and the type of weapons. (E.g. illustrate their new hypersonic nuclear gliders).

Naturally, in the face of this growing situation, the United States has said it has no choice but to maintain and diversify its arsenal (it is also rapidly operating on its own hypersonic vehicle).

In the years after the fall of the communist dictatorship in the Soviet Union, it seemed that we would be able to overcome the dangers of nuclear war. It would be good to read the research of Russian and Chinese dictators which shows that they, too, will be destroyed no matter how deep their rabbit hole is.

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