Omicron XE Herald Doomsday Scenario More than 34 submarines

Over the past two weeks, virologists and genomic experts from around the world have discovered a number of new Omicron variants, BA.2 subvariants and third-generation subvarians, as well as BA.2 recombinant variants, all of which are in vogue and spreading around the world.

Since December 2021, experts around the world have been warning of such a situation, and the emergence of many new variants, subverbs and recombinant variants will completely change the dynamics of the COVID-19 epidemic, as we see more recurrences and infections. Non-stop cycles, as well as more new variants produced in these cycles, as well as subtypes that are vaccine-induced immunity, natural immunity, antiviral and existing

Omicron XE Herald Doomsday Scenario More than 34 submarines
Omicron XE Herald Doomsday Scenario More than 34 submarines

In most cases, most people may experience a mild or asymptomatic infection with these new mutations in the virus, but they can cause serious health and medical conditions, and we can expect a significant increase in additional deaths due to heart failure, stroke, kidney and liver. Failure, CVST, etc., because these new strains can literally shut down the human host’s initial immunity.

However, in these many new sub-clans, at least one potentially deadly mutation has been discovered.

BA.4 and BA.5 mutations

Dr. Cornelius Romer, a Swiss biophysicist, discovered mutations in BA.4 and BA.5.

Both the BA.4 and BA.5 genera are found in South Africa, where they are now predominant, as well as in Germany, Denmark, the United Kingdom, and other European and African countries.

BA.4 / 5 has some common mutations, such as nuc: G12160A, S: L452R, and S: F486V, but not S: Q493R. (Unlike all other Omicrons).

The BA.4 variant is also known as the BA.1.1.529.4 variant which has the following unique mutations: nuc: 27788T, nuc: 27259C Key mutations: Spike L452R, F486V, 493Q-Reversion; N: P151S

Compared to BA, COV-spectrum predicts a large growth advantage above 1/2.

Although the BA.5 variant also known as BA.1.1.529.5 carries the following unique mutations: nuc: 27889T, nuc: 283 30G Key mutations: Spike L452R, F486V, 493Q-reversal; M: D3N

COV-spectrum predicts significant growth advantage over BA.1 / 2.

The number of sequences that express these two forms in various online sequencing databases, such as GISAID, is increasing at the time of publication of this article.

New XE variant of Omicron

The XE variant is one of the recently reported recombinant variants and is essentially a unique fusion of the BA.1 and BA.2 variants. This is the sixth known recombinant variant involving the Omicron variant. (There are other recombinant BA.1 and BA.2 variants, but XE has specific mutations that are exclusively observed in this genus.)

A total of 637 cases have been confirmed by the British Health Security Agency XE, the first of which was reported on 19 January.

XD and XF are a combination of delta and omicron BA.1, according to the British Health Safety Agency.

There have been 38 cases of XF in the United Kingdom, all of which occurred before mid-February, and there is no evidence that the virus is spreading in the country.

According to the Global Database, 49 cases of XD have been reported, most of which occur in France.

XE has infected around 600 people in the UK since January. It is unclear if XE is more contagious than BA.2, and there is no evidence that it could cause more serious illness.

XE, on the other hand, has shown a volatile growth rate and is now being identified in countries such as India, the United States, Canada, Germany, Thailand and Singapore.

There is not enough information at this time to make a decision about the viability, severity, efficacy of vaccination, or the benefits of actual growth.

Other recombinant BA.1 / BA.2 variants currently running include:

XP – BA.1.1 / BA.2 recombinant (UK, Scotland)
XQ-BA.1.1 / BA.2 recombinant (UK, Wales)
XR-BA.1.1 / BA.2 recombinant (Wales)

BA.2 Subveriant lineage

Preliminary reports have linked the emergence of the BA.2.2 submarine, such as the BA.2.2, which caused widespread outbreaks in Hong Kong, to the United States, with the BA.2.7 submarine identified.

BA.2.8 (B.1.1.529.2.8) is a Scottish variant with the following mutations: Orf3a: A31T + Nuc: T21048C (2400+ sequence) followed by Orf3a: T9K (2000+ sequence).

In terms of COV spectrum, it has the advantage of 34% global growth compared to BA.2 and 100% global growth compared to BA.1.1.

BA.2.9 Also known as B.1.1.529.2.9 common in Denmark and Poland: ORF3a: H78Y, has a growth rate of -15% compared to BA.2 and 15% compared to BA.1.1, COV-spectrum.

BA.2.10 also known as BA.1.1.529.1.10

BA.2.11, also known as BA.1.1.529.2.11, was identified for the original mutation in France: ORF1a: S2519P + S: L452R and 55% global growth compared to BA.2 and 149% global growth compared to BA.1.1 There are (sample size is small – these numbers are not yet reliable).

The BA.2.12 variant, also known as BA.1.1.529.2.12, was first identified in Canada with the original mutation: the Spike S704L has the advantage of 3% global growth compared to BA.2 and 47% global growth compared to BA.1.1.

BA.2.3 sub variants are also known as third generation mutations

The BA.2.3.1 strain whose main mutation spike: Q677E, also known as B.1.1.529.2.3.1, has a 15% advantage over BA.2 in Japan and 59% over BA.1.1.

The BA.2.3.2 strain, also called B.1.1.529.2.3.2, was detected in Vietnam and Japan. Unique key mutations found: (Envelope Protein: S55F) and have a 12% advantage over BA.2 and 64% compared to BA.1.1.

BA.2.10.1 which is also known as B.1.1.529.2.10.1 has been identified in Singapore and some other countries. Unique key mutations: Spike: G798D and its 11% increase compared to BA.2 and 43% increase compared to BA.1.1 in Singapore.

BA.2.12.1, also known as BA.1.1.529.12.1, was discovered in the United States and parts of Europe, and was found to carry significant mutation spikes: L452Q in 47 of the 213 BAs. This Spike L452Q mutation has been found in two New York sequences in the last 15 days. This mutation was first discovered in the form of Lambda! And surprisingly it has the advantage of 32% increase compared to BA.2 and 105% increase compared to BA.1.1.

Other emerging variants of interest under the same lineage

South Africa: BA.2 variants with S: L452R and S: F486V found (Sequence 79 as of 2022-04-05)

Available with UK: BA.2 N: Q39L and ORF1a: S2535LD

Denmark: BA.2 spike P681R has mutations (9 sequences)

BA.2 was found in Norway and the UK: S: K356R, and there are also orf1a: s2193f mutations in Norway and the UK

With the ORF1ab: E973K mutation, a potential Omicron BA.6 variant was discovered in Peru and Chile.

Forms of anxiety

The BA.2.12.1 variant, also known as BA.1.1.529.12.1, found in New York and other parts of the United States, may be the deadliest BA.2 sub variant yet, as it carries the spike mutation L452Q. , Which was last seen in the Lambda version.

The L452Q mutation has been linked to increased cell fusogenicity, which contributes to disease severity.

To date, all patients who have tested positive for this fancy strain are either in the intensive care unit or have died!

L452R – Another deadly variant

Another disturbing mutation that enhances fusogenicity and infectivity is the L452R mutation, which has begun to appear in many BA.2 subvaria and third generation variants as well as new BA.4 and BA.5 variants. It is also available in many new forms in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Denmark and the rest of Europe.

Increased fusogenicity has been linked to increased disease severity and mortality. The condition of the long covid is often severe, with considerable fatigue and crippling effects for those who survive.

Future variant

Due to the current dynamics of the COVID-19 outbreak and the lifting of measures and travel restrictions as well as less testing and sequencing, more delta submarines and third and fourth generation variants are emerging, with many potential new clades coming soon.

According to experts, more alarming strains are expected next week in the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Denmark, Thailand and the African continent.

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