People get rich in lucky scratches but struggle to claim his reward

The young immigrant who won $ 270,000 with $ 6 scratchcard in March at the port of Zibrug is looking for a way to collect his prizes, which he wants to use to start a new life in Belgium.

The man won $ 270,000 using a scratchcard he bought at a supermarket in Gibrug at the end of March, but left without collecting his prize because the retailer could not pay his winnings in cash.

However, he appeared at the police station with a lawyer earlier this week. Now, the two of them are trying to find a way to get his prize money, as the man is not allowed to live in Belgium and thus cannot open a bank account.

“When I get the money, I’m going to buy a place to stay in Brussels. And maybe a car, “he told Hate Latest News. “I dropped the idea of ​​living in the UK. I will stay here and try to make a living. ”

He left Algeria for Spain four months ago. From there, he walked across Spain and France and finally reached Belgium.

“Once upon a time. I’ve been here for a month and a half now,” he said.

He traveled between Brussels and Zibrug, a coastal town where many immigrants try to cross the English Channel to the UK. He explained that the local priest had also organized a daily meal handout for the people gathered there, for which reason he had enough money to buy scratch cards.

“We got free food, so I decided to take a chance and buy a scratchcard,” he said.

At first, he won সাথে 6 with two other scratchcards, which he used to buy winning tickets.

“I scratched twice. I didn’t realize it at first, “he said.” But I shuddered, and then I told a friend. He went back to the store with his bank card, but it didn’t work. “

In fact, it would be difficult for a man to collect rewards because he could not open an account in Belgium without proper documents. The man’s three friends went to the national lottery last week with the winning ticket. However, the police arrested them as they did not get the camera footage of the winner. After revealing the actual winning situation, they were released.

For now, the winning ticket is being kept safe by Bruges Police.

Meanwhile, the National Lottery has stated that the man is committed to getting his money back after resolving all administrative hurdles.

“We’ll see what the best option is for him now,” the man’s lawyer, Alexander Verstrat, told Het Laatste Nieuws. “But we will do our best to open an account as soon as possible. In my own name or not. ”

Once he has the funds and secures a place to stay and after establishing himself, he wants to open a shop, he explained.

“And of course, I’m looking for a wife. Still, I can’t find anyone with my money, with my heart. “

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