Rapper Dabby’s gunman says “I shot him” for “intrusion”

A man was shot for trespassing, according to a 911 call released Wednesday night from the North Carolina rapper Dabby’s home outside Charlotte.

Dababi, whose real name is Jonathan Kirk, was not charged in the case. Authorities say Kirk was at home at the time of the incident.

On Wednesday night, the gunman called 911 to report that an intruder had been shot.

“I shot him in the leg,” 911 caller said. “He was infiltrating my property.”

Officers discovered the victim at Kirk’s residence and sent him to a nearby hospital for treatment.

According to police, the man who was shot was not from the area and was not a guest at the property.

According to Troutman Police Chief Josh Watson, “Like any other property owner, they have a right to protect their property and to make sure no one comes.”

911 calls were modified and caller voice changed before they were published on WCNC.

The house is surrounded by a large concrete wall and security gate in the small town of Troutman just north of Charlotte. “No intrusion” and “We have guns and shovels” are written around the property.

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You read: Rapper Dabby’s gunman says “I shot him for intrusion”

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