Russia urges Sweden, Finland to avoid NATO membership for “peace and stability”

Russia’s foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said NATO membership meant abandoning sovereignty that “follows the destructive orders of the United States and NATO.”

In a statement on Friday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stressed that if Finland and Sweden joined NATO, they would not receive any greater protection because they would be forced into the front line of the organization.

According to him, joining NATO would not provide “their greater national security” and “they would automatically find themselves at the forefront of NATO.”

“Also, NATO membership means relinquishing sovereignty in defense and foreign policy decisions. This trend developed long before the current situation, when the member states of the European Union, including Natural, gradually became a tool to follow the destructive orders of the United States and NATO. “

Zakharova stressed that the final decision rests with the governments of Sweden and Finland, but they should keep in mind the impact of their membership in NATO “for bilateral relations and for the European security architecture in general, which is now in a state of crisis.” “

“For many decades,” he added, “the non-military foreign policy has maintained the security of Sweden and Finland at a reliable level and served as a solid foundation for building mutually beneficial and equitable cooperation between our countries.” , Where the role of the military factor was reduced to zero. ”

“Potential NATO membership is less likely to help Sweden and Finland, which have served as advocates of many constructive and united initiatives throughout their history, join Stockholm and Helsinki if they join the alliance.”

Zakharova stressed that the current resurgence of the debate over NATO membership began several years ago with a “well-organized campaign by foreign forces ready to pull Sweden and Finland into the North Atlantic Alliance”.

“It is common knowledge that NATO has long felt at home in the territory of both countries and has conducted large-scale exercises. The reason for the need for this alliance is clear. Its purpose is to continue its military capabilities and geographical expansion and to build another stronghold to threaten Russia, “he said.” But one wonders why our Finnish and Swedish neighbors in the Baltic region want to become another line of conflict between NATO and Russia. Its negative impact on peace and stability in the north is obvious. “

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You read: Russia urges Sweden, Finland to avoid NATO membership for “peace and stability”

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