The chaotic US-led invasion of Afghanistan prompted Putin to invade Ukraine

There are several elements to the game, one of which is that the West will not remain strong and united and that the United States will not remain firmly attached to its European friends.

Retired top MI6 officer Christopher Steele, who summed up a highly controversial ‘dossier’ about Putin and Donald Trump’s relationship with Russia, which shocked the world over the unsubstantiated allegations of a notorious “golden shower”, believes Russia’s war in Ukraine will not end soon. This could be the beginning of the fall of Vladimir Putin.

Christopher Steele has both good and bad news to share with us. The bad news is that he believes that the Russian conflict in Ukraine will last for months, if not longer, and with more crime and civilian targets.

“Putin’s main objective was to change the regime and it did not happen – thus, it is a failure, although he does not admit it.”

The good news is that he believes this is the beginning of the end for Vladimir Putin.

“It will not be felt abroad or at home that Russia has won this war,” he said. “And in my view, no government can survive a defeat in a war – especially a war against an opponent that is small and ridiculed by them in the beginning.”

Steele is an expert on this subject. He was head of the Moscow station of the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) before heading the Russian desk at its London headquarters.

He was also responsible for briefing the British Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary on the Russian issue. Nowadays there is no need to explain the characteristics and capabilities of British spies. Its validity in the Ukraine conflict is being demonstrated virtually every day, which is already in its seventh week.

According to him, “there are many reasons involved” which could explain why Putin decided to invade Ukraine.

He thinks “one of them is certainly the division and weakness felt in the West.”

And “The last straw was chaotic [U.S.] The move from Kabul last summer, “he said,” encouraged him [Putin] Believing that the West will not remain strong, united and that the United States will not be a close ally of its European allies. Russia only considers itself an opponent of the West.

He further believes that “the way Ukraine was developing on its own: it was becoming more and more, even though it was not a perfect democracy or a perfect economy – there was a lot of corruption involving oligarchs, as there is in Russia.” The trend was towards closer ties with the European Union, closer cooperation with NATO. “

And when “Trump left the White House,” he said, “Putin had no confidence that he would stop encouraging Americans to take Ukraine and its westward tendencies.”

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