The first emergency response guidelines for “potential disasters” have been issued

After much debate, Taiwan’s military has decided to provide a public emergency guidebook to the general public if China invades their country. The 28-page pamphlet contains in-depth instructions on where to find a bomb shelter, how to store emergency supplies, and basic life-saving methods.

Defense Ministry spokesman Sun Li-Fang told an online news conference on Tuesday that “the general public can use the emergency response as a guide in a military crisis or natural disaster.”

However, the only crisis in the minds of the people is the possibility of a full-scale Chinese PLA military strike – concerns have been raised since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which Beijing has occasionally defended and refused to call Putin’s behavior. Attack. “

The pamphlet, dubbed the “All-Out Defense Mobilization Agency,” was prepared by the Department of Defense, according to a statement from the Department of Defense.

It was inspired by a similar manual for citizens of Japan and Sweden and includes information on where to find bomb shelters and what to do in an emergency, and how to isolate air strike sirens, according to AFP.

Additional emergency preparedness guidelines include disasters such as blackouts and major power outages, major fires, building collapses and severe weather. Taiwanese authorities added, “We hope that public safety shelters will be able to identify themselves in advance.”

Although Taipei recently accused Beijing’s leaders of saber-rattling, the PLA maintains its weekly aircraft infiltration into the air defense identification zone of the Air Force Islands, with Beijing responding by blaming Taipei for certain provocations. Last year, for example, it was revealed and confirmed that a team of US Marines and special forces had been stationed on the island for some time, training Taiwanese forces.

The Democratic Island is hosting a growing number of U.S. government representatives, including House Speaker Nancy Peloposi, who were scheduled to visit earlier this month but had to cancel due to a positive Covid-19 test.

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