The girl, 6, was seriously injured after a tornado hit her several hundred yards away.

Several members of a Central Texas family were seriously injured when an EF-3 tornado ripped through an area southwest of Salador on Tuesday, destroying their mobile home and throwing them hundreds of feet away.

Miriam Rios, 6, was found unconscious and upside down after being thrown into the air from a fir tree hundreds of yards away from her home. Vanessa Rios, her pregnant mother, had an abortion.

Seriously injured girl after a tornado threw her hundreds of yards away from her home in Texas, 6
Seriously injured girl after a tornado threw her hundreds of yards away from her home in Texas, 6

According to Bell County Judge David Blackburn, 23 people were injured and 12 were hospitalized.

When the tornado alert came on Tuesday night, the Rios family – mother, father and their two children – were at their mobile home off FM2843. The children’s uncle Stephen Perez said the family tried to evict him at first, but when the hail started they returned to their mobile home.

The situation is rapidly deteriorating. The tornado tore through the family home and threw each member of the family in different directions, with winds of up to 165 miles per hour.

Father Joel threw Rios to one side. Mother landed on the other side.

Ezra, the couple’s one-year-old son, landed on the sidewalk. 6-year-old Mary was thrown into a tree.

“[Their mom] He remembers waking up, rolling around next to her, and seeing his daughter in a tree and he can’t get up or do anything. He just rolled over and cried, “Perez said.

Once everyone was taken to the hospital, they learned that the pregnant woman, Vanessa Perez, had had an abortion.

Perez added that since then, several family members have been in and out of surgery to repair fractured pelvic bone and spinal cord injuries.

According to Perez, baby Ezra escaped with minor injuries and will soon be released from hospital.

Although the family is grateful for the child’s well-being, they are shocked to see how much they have lost. Miriam, a Salado ISD first-grader, was celebrating her seventh birthday on Saturday.

Rios also lost their home and everything in it. “It simply came to our notice then. Absolutely nothing, “said Perez. “And [my sister] Really proud of that house. “

After the members of the society were released from the hospital, various efforts were started to help the family with the medical bills and their needs.

You can also donate physical items to the family. They can be unloaded at 213 Mill Creek Dr. Suite 110, Salado, Texas 76571.

Donations in the form of a check can be made to parents Joel and Vanessa Rios and can be sent to Solana Ranch PO Box 1199 Saldo, Texas 76571.

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