The video shows how the people of Shanghai forcibly took Kovid-19 for quarantine.

Despite the negative test, the armed men forcibly took the civilians to the camp – “You are all gangstersā€¦ you know the results of my test. You are the underworld. I’m telling you .. get out, “said one man who was exposed to the special scales against the coronavirus.

With incredible visuals emerging from Shanghai, a 25-million-strong metropolis that has taken on the appearance of an eternal castle, local authorities have deployed all measures at their disposal to force residents to leave their homes.

The latest video, which also shows a truly tragic but fundamental human rights violation, shows armed men, wearing anti-Covid uniforms, trying to snatch a citizen from his own home to take him to a “quarantine camp” he had set up. Government to prevent the spread of chronovirus.

The man in the video is one of many city dwellers who refuse to go to camp. In fact, according to reports, authorities forcibly took people to quarantine camps, even with negative tests!

Heavy-armed individuals are free from authority to attack civilians’ homes, occupy them by any means, and take them to camps.

“You all are thugs – you know the result of my test. You are the underworld. I’m telling you .. get out, “he tells them as he sits on the porch of a high-rise building.

Then something like a gunshot was heard and armed “COVID fighters” came out on the porch with shields to disarm him.

The man strongly resists. Someone wanted a knife and then they were looking for his name. After a few seconds the man fell to the ground and did not move.

At the same time, there are reports on Twitter that citizens who do not test the daily COVID are arrested.

Xi Jinping says strict “dynamic covid clearance” policy of “no” to simplify the system

China’s cowardly control and prevention measures should not be relaxed, Chinese President Xi Jinping said during a visit to the southern island of Hainan today, state radio reported.

His comments came as China’s financial capital, Shanghai, recorded more than 25,000 new cases of coronavirus. Since the virus first appeared in the Chinese city of Wuhan in late 2019, local authorities have been under intense pressure to prevent the largest outbreak of covid in China.

According to state radio, Xi said China’s strict policy of “dynamic cavid clearance” should be maintained while trying to reduce the impact of the cavid system on the economy and society.

You read: The video shows how the people of Shanghai forcibly took him to the quarantine for Kovid-19.

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