This blood group is more common in severe Covid-19 patients

Research at King’s College London could shed light on innovative strategies for treating and preventing serious coronavirus infections.

Researchers at King’s College London analyzed more than 3,000 proteins in an attempt to uncover the parameters that would be conducive to a covid infection in an attempt to determine which one is causally involved in the development of a serious covid-19 infection.

This is the first time that Cavid-19 has been linked to such a large number of proteins.

This is important because discoveries can lead to innovative treatment and prevention strategies in severe cases.

So far, researchers have found eight proteins that could protect against severe covid-19 and six that could increase the likelihood of serious cases.

Our blood types are determined by a protein, ABO, which increases the risk of severe covid-19.

Is it true that your blood type determines if you have a serious illness?

Researchers studying this pattern of proteins have found potential drug targets that could help treat severe Covid-19.

“We have used a completely genetic method to investigate large amounts of blood proteins and have established a causal link to the development of a handful of severe covidosis,” he explained. Dr. Alish PalmosThe co-authors added, “Homing in this group of proteins is an important first step in discovering potentially valuable goals for the development of new therapies.”

In addition, researchers discovered eight proteins that reduced the risk of hospitalization or respiratory assistance / death, as well as six proteins that increased the risk.

They even distinguished between the protein associated with hospitalization and the protein associated with the need for a ventilator.

The ABO enzyme, which determines a person’s blood group, has been found to be directly linked to hospitalization and the need for a ventilator. This backs up previous studies that showed a link between blood group and higher risk of death.

There is an increased tendency for blood group A among Covid-19-positive individuals, which suggests that this blood group deserves further investigation.

“What we’ve done in our research is provided,” added Professor Jerome Brin, co-author, “a short list for the next phase of research.

“Among the thousands of blood proteins we have reduced to about 14 that have some causal link to the risk of severe Covid-19 and present a potentially important way for further research to better understand the mechanisms behind this disease. The goal, however, is potentially preventive therapy. “

Three “adherence” molecules have also been found to be functionally linked to lower incidence of hospitalization.

Because these adherence molecules mediate communication between immune cells and blood vessels, previous studies have suggested that late-stage Covid-19 is a disease that affects the lining of blood vessels.

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You read: This blood type is more common in severe Covid-19 patients

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