Today and Friday you will see how huge, 3 giraffe-sized asteroids pass by the Earth

The asteroid 2022 GJ4 is about 18 meters big, making it the length of 3.5 hippos or three giraffes. On Friday, another asteroid, 2022 GU3, will be approaching, measuring 9.6 American buffalo in length.

3.5 A tiny asteroid the size of a hippo will fly over Earth on Monday, and if you’re lucky you might catch a glimpse of it.

The size of the asteroid?

The 2022 GJ4 asteroid is 14 to 32 meters in diameter. According to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, its approximate width is 18 meters. In comparison, a hippopotamus can reach a length of 5.2 meters. If measured differently, it will be the length of three giraffes.

How far?

This small space rock will cross Earth at a distance of 1.5 million kilometers at a speed of about 15.55 kilometers per second.

The moon orbits the earth at a distance of about 384,000 kilometers, so while it is far away, it is still a very close encounter on a cosmic scale.

Nothing on earth is less likely to hurt. Even if it did, the damage caused by such a small asteroid would be much smaller than that of a larger, more destructive asteroid.

The question remains, however, how close it is to the earth:

How to see it?

Only if you are in the right place and you have the right tools.

Asteroid 2022 GJ4 is still a small asteroid. This determines whether an asteroid can be seen from Earth, including distance and brightness.

Overall, yes, even if you’re in the US, you’ll need to hire long exposure photography, as The Sky Live noted.

Friday one?

2022 GJ4 is not the only asteroid that will move closer to Earth in the near future.

Another small asteroid, 2022 GU3, is due to pass by the planet on Friday.

NASA JPL estimates that this asteroid will be slightly larger than 2022 GJ4 (about 24 meters, or 9.6 American buffalo or four giraffes) and will be 1.75 million kilometers away.

If you have access to long exposure photography, you might as well look into this.

Image Credit: Pixabay

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