The situation in Ukraine is “very serious” and two more countries are considering joining NATO. It will be a harsh response to Putin’s aggression.

A senior U.S. source said Sweden and Finland’s membership had been “the subject of conversation and multiple sessions,” adding that “how could this be anything but a huge strategic mistake for Putin?”

The Prime Minister of Finland, Sanaa Marin, said over the weekend that it was time to re-evaluate the country’s position on the military alliance, citing the “very serious” situation in Ukraine.

Magdalena Anderson, her Swedish counterpart, said in a statement that she would not “exclude NATO membership” in any way.

“Russia is not our neighbor as we thought,” the Finnish prime minister said over the weekend, calling for a “thorough but swift” decision.

He added: “I think we will discuss very carefully, but we are not taking more time than we should in this process, because the situation is definitely very serious.”

Officials stressed that the countries are cooperating in developing a national consensus, but the final choice will be made independently. Both countries are separated by the Baltic Sea, and have 830 miles of land border between Finland and Russia.

Finland is expected to submit an application in June, followed by Sweden.

Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov warned that Russia would have to take “extra measures” if Finland and Sweden joined NATO.

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